Client Spotlight: Trade Secret Chocolates

As a small law firm, we pride ourselves on partnering with our clients to help them reach their goals in every way we can. Periodically, this blog will spotlight a client who is doing amazing things that the world should know about. Today’s feature is Trade Secret Chocolates.

Matt Rubin was among John Brannon’s first clients when the firm first opened its doors in 2008. Trade Secret Chocolates was created when Rubin started experimenting with various chocolate formulations after his wife Sarah developed food allergies, putting most chocolates into a forbidden category. Subscribing to the “happy wife, happy life” philosophy, Rubin took action. The result? Trade Secret Chocolates, a hand-crafted gourmet product that is gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free and uses only the highest quality ingredients. With Rubin’s background in chemistry (among other things), the innovations started early and have continued.

Founder of Trade Secret Chocolates, Matt Rubin

Today, TSC is on the cusp of launching a revolutionary new product, SoChatti. SoChatti is a countertop liquid chocolate dispenser that maintains the integrity of the chocolate for long periods of time and across dozens of applications. Think of it as one of those popular counter-top beverage machines for the highest quality chocolate you can imagine. Simply put, it is chocolate on tap. 

Trade Secret Chocolates founder Matt Rubin recently updated us on how his company has evolved. He also highlighted how Brannon Sowers & Cracraft has played a key role in the process. When I asked Rubin about his experience working with Brannon Sowers & Cracraft, this is what he offered.

“It’s been a great experience. I worked for many years in and around the intellectual property industry before starting this chocolate company. Out of all the attorneys and law firms I had worked with, John Brannon was the easy choice to send our business to. There are a couple things I like about working with Brannon Sowers & Cracraft. One, they approach the job with the objective of obtaining the best asset they can without playing the game of patent prosecution. That’s a process many law firms will use to prosecute patents, which is great for filling billable hours, but doesn’t necessarily give the client the best product. You can spend a lot of money in patent prosecution; it stretches out the process and you’re left feeling like you didn’t get as much value at the conclusion. With them [BSC], I really like that they write great patents and do very well with prosecution, and the result is great issued patents.

“When we started this process, Brannon Sowers & Cracraft was great about laying out all the different things we were doing , as well as spending the time to understand our process. John explained that patents today are not so much a wall as they are a net. You need to have a wholistic approach to building a portfolio of patents that serve as an active deterrent from infringement. You can’t just rely on one patent with a single process or technology.

“Trade Secret Chocolate now has over 5 patent families with 10 subfamilies. It’s a multiyear strategy that we are executing. John [Brannon] helped us map it all out from the start. Brannon Sowers & Cracraft is also very good at identifying things that I, as a business owner and inventor, may think are very valuable, but really are not from a patentable perspective. This helps us avoid wasting time and money on things that aren’t protectable. They won’t write a patent just for the sake of writing a patent, even if their clients initially want that. They require a clear strategy going forward. 

One of many uses for SoChatti (chocolate on tap).

“In addition to our patent portfolio, Brannon Sowers Cracraft manages our trademark portfolio. I love it because we have a full service, one-stop shop for our copyrights, patents, and trademarks. It makes our job much easier, letting us focus on the chocolate.”

“When I asked John Brannon about his experience with Trade Secret Chocolates, he said, “Matt has applied rigorous engineering and design principles to the field in order to revolutionize chocolate and a create a superior chocolate experience.”  First of all, who doesn’t want a superior chocolate experience? Secondly, if only every client-attorney relationship had this much mutual admiration, right?

NOTE: You can sample Trade Secret Chocolates and their chocolate on tap at various Indianapolis are locations, including these.


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