Client Spotlight: 250ok

Greg Kraios (left) and John Brannon (right)

Recently, 250ok Founder & CEO Greg Kraios sat down with us to discuss a variety of topics, including what’s next for the burgeoning tech company. Greg took his deliverability expertise from ExactTarget and Den of Deliverability, starting 250ok in 2011. The business has seen significant success since then.

As one of our fastest growing clients, 250ok made news with their recent  Series A funding , led by Arthur Ventures’ 2.6M investment.  We couldn’t be happier about the trajectory of their company.

How did you first end up working with our firm?

GK: Several people that I trust explicitly recommended Brannon Sowers & Cracraft PC, and John Brannon’s name specifically, along with another guy at the firm, Kevin Erdman. As I pressed my network further, I received enough recommendations that I finally said “I’ve heard enough,” and we set up a meeting.

What has worked about the partnership?

In working with John, he rolled up his sleeves early on and took the time to learn the nuances our business. The result was an IP strategy that fully aligned with our business focus and one that we continue to execute today. There are many occasions when he’s said ‘no, we don’t need to do that’ or ‘that’s really not necessary.’ His honesty has saved 250ok tens of thousands of dollars, if not more.

The first project we worked on involved Kevin helping us file a patent on a unique feature of 250ok, and Danton (Bryans) played an important role in that process. Throughout that project, I spent a lot of time with John and felt a genuine connection with him. At that this point, I don’t consider myself a client of his; I consider us partners. That’s what makes it work for me, and that’s what made me an evangelist for Brannon Sowers & Cracraft PC. I often tell him ‘you know, John, if you keep treating me this way, you’re going to make me think that all attorneys aren’t bad people.’ (laughter)

What’s on the horizon for 250ok?

GK: The first phase of our business was building a competitor to the longtime market leader in our space, Return Path. We’ve achieved that goal. The second phase is to build tools no one has seen before, tools that will change the way businesses manage email. I expect that 250ok’s product roadmap over the next 18 months will inspire an industry that hasn’t seen much innovation over the past decade.

Thanks to Greg Kraios for taking the time to chat with us. Brannon Sowers & Cracraft is proud to be your IP legal partner. We can’t wait to follow the progress of 250ok. 

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